Belinda Wong

A new Starbucks store opens roughly every 15 hours in China, but the woman leading a coffee revolution in a country known for tea has more than just business on her mind.

Born in Hong Kong, Belinda Wong moved to the United States at age 12. Although racism ran rampant in her small town, at her family's Chinese restaurant she saw how a cup of coffee or a meal could bring people together.

After returning to Hong Kong, Belinda joined us in 2000 and has been at the helm of Starbucks China since 2011. She has overseen rapid store growth and innovation, from the first Starbucks Reserve bar to the Shanghai Roastery, all while putting partners – and their needs – first. She hosted the first ever Partner Family Forum and later unveiled a benefit offering critical illness insurance to the parents of eligible partners. Honoring the importance of family in Chinese culture is all in a day's work for Belinda, who believes, “If you help others, then you are successful.”

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