Driving Thru

The romance, theater and community of Italy’s espresso bars inspired a ision for our stores, a vision we’ve stayed committed to for decades (even when it wasn’t easy). But we all know that change is the only constant – and every business has to evolve. 

In 1994, that meant giving customers what they wanted: caffeine and convenience in the comfort of their car. We tested our first drive-thru concept in Southern California (also the birthplace of another important debut). Demand was there, so we rolled it out to dozens more stores over the next few years. 

Today you can find drive-thru locations around the world. Of special note: the modern, responsibly-focused design of Reclamation Drive-Thrus in the United States. Since 2013, we’ve repurposed a few recycled shipping containers – like the ones we rely on for transporting coffee and tea – as construction materials. The modular structures are prefabricated, assembled at another location and then lowered onto their sites by cranes. 



Our first drive-thru location opens.

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