Going Mobile

We’ve worked hard to make each of our stores into a welcoming place where customers want to sit and linger. But we’ve also pioneered new ways for people on the go and in a hurry to get their favorite drink in record time. 

In 1994, we started serving customers in the comfort of their car. In 2011 we launched mobile payment with the Starbucks Card Mobile App to allow millions of customers to pay for their purchases with their mobile devices. And in 2015, we brought convenience to the next level when we introduced Mobile Order & Pay. From their home, office or anywhere in between, customers all over the United States can use the app to find the closest Starbucks store, customize their favorite beverage and pay for it before arriving to their store. And when they pick up their order, they don’t even have to stand in line. 

By pairing coffee and convenience, now there’s always time for that Starbucks run. 



Starbucks Card Mobile App launches, enabling mobile payment.


Customers can order ahead with nationwide launch of Mobile Order & Pay.

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