Hiring Opportunity Youth

Since we opened our first store in 1971, millions have worn a Starbucks apron. For many alumni, working with us served as a formative experience that helped set them on the right path. But “Opportunity Youth,” people between 16 and 24 who are neither working nor in school, are frequently disconnected from the individuals, institutions and experiences that could help them succeed – and their potential often goes unrealized.

We decided to find a way to give Opportunity Youth a pathway to meaningful employment, just as we have with veterans and people with disabilities. In 2015 we joined a group of companies to found the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, which holds job fairs across the U.S. that have resulted in thousands of on-the-spot offers.

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative also works to ensure young people are successful once they land a job – it helps businesses evolve their practices to support young employees and develop new approaches for preparing youth for employment.



We commit to hiring 10,000 Opportunity Youth by 2018.


We commit to hiring 100,000 opportunity youth by 2020.

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