Master Roasters

Each day, about a million pounds of coffee beans pass through our roasting facilities on their journey from farm to cup. And behind the scenes, our team of master roasters practice their unique craft – part art, part science – to ensure each of those cups is as perfectly delicious as the last. 

Global master roasters Brad Anderson and Brian Hayes are Starbucks veterans with more than 50 years of experience between them. Together they created our groundbreaking Pike Place® Roast, designed for its consistent, harmonious taste. Since countless variables – including rainfall, temperature and season – can affect a coffee bean’s flavor, they continually adjust blends, temperature, and roast time so that even as the beans change, the flavor of the resulting coffee does not. 

Curious to witness this delicate dance of temperature and time in person? Visitors to our Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in places like Seattle, Shanghai or Milan can watch our master roasters at work while sampling coffees available nowhere else in the world. 

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