Our First Store In China

When we opened our first store in China in 1999, we discovered that the appeal of a good cup of coffee – and a welcoming place to enjoy it – is universal. So how did a company known for its coffee find success in a nation known for its love of tea? 

Well, we did a few things really right. Our Chinese customers found our comfortable stores to be a welcome extension of home in a country with typically small living spaces. And we experimented with local flavors, infusing them into our signature beverages. 

Today, China is our fastest-growing market with a new store opening every 15 hours. In 2017, we even debuted the first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia: our state-of-the-art Shanghai Starbucks Reserve Roastery

As we've expanded, we've also found ways to honor the importance of family in Chinese culture. We offer critical illness insurance to the parents of eligible partners and host annual forums to introduce our partners’ families to our mission, values and aspirations for the future.



We open our first store in China, in Beijing.

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