Partnership with Conservation International

In the beginning, our objective was simple: to bring high-quality, dark-roasted coffee to Seattle. 

But as we expanded around the world, our vision broadened – and we felt the need to use our scale for good. In 1998, we partnered with Conservation International, a nonprofit committed to environmental protection, to do just that. 

For decades we've collaborated with the organization on a variety of initiatives to produce coffee that's transparent, sustainable and good for both people and the planet. In 2004, we laid out a comprehensive set of social, economic, environmental and quality guidelines that dictate how coffee should be ethically sourced. In 2015, we announced a global call to action to make coffee the world's first sustainably sourced agricultural product. 

The ongoing partnership has been eye-opening and productive. We see it as an important investment in the longevity of our industry – and the people and natural resources that the coffee we love depends on. 



We first partner with Conservation International to promote environmentally responsible coffee-growing methods.

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