Pike Place Roast

It’s the everyday brew in our stores around the world, a coffee so harmonious that no single characteristic dominates or disappears.

But its story is anything but ordinary.

In 2007, our team hatched a plan to reimagine brewed coffee. Our goal: develop a recipe with an approachable balance of flavor and acidity when served black or with cream and sugar. The code name for our secret project: Consistent Brew.

We tried dozens of blends from different origins, and our roasters experimented with brand new methods. After two months of testing, tasting and trying, we had it.

On April 8, 2008, Pike Place Roast, named in honor of our past, made its debut. It was an important launch for us, our first coffee to be labeled 100 percent verified under C.A.F.E. Practices ethical sourcing guidelines.



Pike Place® Roast debuts in stores.

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