Starbucks Support Center

1994 was a big year for us, marking the launch of both a popular new product and a lucky mistake. We were growing – and our offices at the old roasting plant on Seattle’s Airport Way had become too small. 

So we moved into a new space in the industrial SODO area south of downtown, a nine-story building we now refer to as the Starbucks Support Center (SSC). Why is it so named? Because our corporate offices exist to support our stores, where the interactions that matter most – those between partner and customer – actually happen. 

Topped with a familiar face peering over its clocktower, the SSC is home to more than 4,500 partners – from the coffee tasters on the Coffee Quality team to the bean counters in Finance. Thousands more partners work at regional support centers around the world, like in Toronto, London, Santiago, Puerto Rico, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. 



We move our headquarters to the current Starbucks Support Center in Seattle’s SODO district.


Our first Starbucks Reserve Store opens in the Starbucks Support Center.