Greener Stores

Our coffee comes directly from the earth, so we naturally take an interest in treating it well. That means considering our impact on the environment in every facet of our business, from how our coffee is grown to how it’s served, to how stores are built. 

In 2008, we made a commitment to build our stores to rigorous environmental standards. In addition to reducing energy and water consumption, we incorporate reused and recycled materials wherever practical and often use locally inspired design details and materials in our stores. 

In 2018, we took another big step forward, announcing the Starbucks Greener Stores framework and a commitment to design, build and operate 10,000 “greener stores” by 2025 as a key part in building our Planet Positive Future. We intend to open-source our program in the hope that  we can inspire other businesses to follow suit. 



Our first LEED®-certified store opens in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Opens first “reclamation” drive-thru, made from repurposed shipping containers.


Announces new sustainability aspiration to become resource positive, “Giving more than we take from the planet.”

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